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The term integrated database is used to describe two different database structures: connection of multiple databases or a database built into another application or tool. Although the initial description would appear to mean that these two structures are quite different, they are not. In fact, they possess many of the same structures.

A database is a collection of data from a range of different sources organized under one structure. The database itself if made up of a series of semi-independent data tables. Each table holds specific information, typically with one focus per table. The database can create links between the separate tables, based on common elements, information, or programming logic. Queries can be written to create reports accessing all the different tables in the database.

Connecting multiple databases into an integrated database is a very complex task. Connections between the different databases must be made and tested from a variety of perspectives to ensure that the logic is sound. The different databases can also exist in different formats or programs. This adds to the complexity but may be achieved using advanced programming logic and powerful resources.