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KIC Developers – Web Developers / Who are we? What do we do?

We are a group of database administrators who have tons of experience in creating databases, database schema, custom content management systems (custom CMS), SEO Marketing, osCommerce Development, eCommerce Development, and many other high demanding, complex, and time consuming work. We take the hassle out of controlling your database, making automated features that would normally take minutes or even hours to edit. We take the hassle out of selling your items online, creating custom content management systems to help keep track of your oscommerce or ecommerce shopping carts.

We also specialize in social network programming, designing your own personalized private network for your school or organization. This can include private messaging, forums, blogging, shares, likes, video conferencing, and many other custom options for your private social network.

What is a Web Developer anyways? What type of work is performed?

Modern web applications often contain three or more tiers, and depending on the size of the team a developer works on, he or she may specialize in one or more of these tiers – or may take a more interdisciplinary role. For example, in a two person team, one developer may focus on the technologies sent to the client such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and on the server-side frameworks (such as Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, ASP, .NET, .NET MVC) used to deliver content and scripts to the client. Meanwhile the other developer might focus on the interaction between server-side frameworks, the web server, and a database system. Further, depending on the size of their organization, the aforementioned developers might work closely with a content creator/copy writer, marketing advisor, web designer, web producer, project manager, software architect, or database administrator – or they may be responsible for such tasks as web design and project management themselves.